Vealfarm Beekzicht

Welcome at Vealfarm Beekzicht. Come and have a look in the durable and innovative test stable of G. van Beek & Zn. Discover how the best and most responsible piece of meat is growing: in a stable in which the calves get a lot of light, healthy air, space and comfort. In the stables of Vealfarm Beekzicht, built in 2013, all innovations in the calf sector come together. Look at our photo album and come and see it with your own eyes!

A healthy, tasty and affordable piece of meat. What stable do you need for that? That’s the question G. van Beek tries to answer for over 35 years now. We develop and produce among others calf stable equipment. We try to keep improving the stables. Even more comfort for the animals. An even better climate in the stables. Even more attention for animal health. Even more efficiency for the calf farmer.

Come and have a look!

The construction of our own test stable appeared to be the best way to test all our innovations. In 2013, Vealfarm Beekzicht opened. For more than 1200 calves and lots of visitors… In this stable, everyone can see what the modern animal friendly calf stable looks like. The numerous consumers that visit our stable find it interesting and enriching to be introduced to the calf sector in this way. You are cordially invited to come take a look!


Better life mark

End of 2013 Vealfarm Beekzicht received 1 star of the Better life mark. Click here for more information about this mark.

Europees landbouw

Europa invests in rural areas

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.

SKV logo

Stichting Kwaliteitsgarantie Vleeskalversector

To ensure the quality of the veal is Beekzicht affiliated with the  SKV.

 Vallei boert bewust

Vealfarm Beekzicht ‘farms aware’

Vealfarm Beekzicht has joined the regional project “Vallei boert bewust”, directer openness within the agricultural sector and Corporate Social Responsibility. Visit Vallei Boert Bewust for more information.



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